Our Senior Wellness Program assists our members in improving their quality of life through better cardiovascular function, increased strength, greater flexibility, better balance, enhanced endurance, nutrition, and health education. Our Wellness Program inspires our members to have fun and be more active, making it easier to perform daily activities, improves health and lowers risk for disease and disabliltiy.

We are committed to improving the quality of life for every one of our members and promoting a long and healthy lifestyle for seniors. We've been able to implement new tools for health assesments for our members, dietary programs for healthy weight managment in senior adults, and exercise programs to promote independence while aging.

At each community, our classes are taught by our Wellness Directors who are certified and trained to deliver high quality instruction and guidance to assist our members in achieving personal fitness goals. Like having a personal trainer, they make sure each member gets the attention and encouragment needed to achieve maximum results and live life to the fullest!


Health and Fitness Workshop 

  This workshop will help Senior Citizens understand that they cannot afford to not get moving around because the key to staying energetic, strong and extremely healthy is exercise. We will guide this seminar as the needs of the attendes is revealed. We want to ensure you are getting exercise program that can result to dramatic improvements, in strength, balance, confidence and the ability to live independently for seniors.

Topics We Cover

      • The Benefits of Physical Activity As It Relates To Disease Prevention, Health Promotion, and Quality of Life.
      • Injury Prevention, First Aid, and Emergency Procedures.
      • Wellness: Connecting The Mind, Body and Soul For Optimal Health.
      • How Exercise Can Prevent Chronic Disease.
      • Exercise Demonstrations For Strength Training.


Services we Provide

      • Personal Training: Choose to workout in your own home, club house, or local gym.
      • Specialized Programs: To help you work within your budget get your workouts expertly tailored to your body type and personal needs.
      • Strengh and Core Exercise Class: Improving Posture, Building Strength in Upper and Lower Body and Core Muscle.
      • Massage Therapy: Increasing your immune system, increased relaxation, Increase circulation of blood.
      • Yoga: Improving Balance, Helps Alleviate Arthritis Pain, Reduce Stress.
      • Dance Classes: Improved conditions of your heart and lungs, increased aerobic fitness.
      • Injury Rehabilitation:  To Prevent Falls, Treat Strains/Sprains, and more.