Personal Training

At the CormierFitness Private studio, we produce results from one simple formula: one client, one trainer and one goal. We provide an one of a kind private studio exclusively to help you achieve your goals during your exclusive on-on-one personal training sessions. It's just you and your trainer, with no distractions to interrupt, or interfere with your progress.

Get a program tailored specifically for you and your unique goals with one-on-one personal training! I will customize a plan tailored to your body, fitness level, and personal goals. This means more efficient workouts and quicker results.

We Offer The Following Services

  • Mobile Personal Training bring the gym to you so you get a great workout every time.
  •  No distractions you are constantly engaged in your workout. ( No waiting for equipment)
  •  Most efficient routines for your busy schedule.
  • Program designed based on initial fitness levels, individual goals and lifestyle.
  • Private, comfortable atmosphere.
  • Constant evaluation and revision of programs.
  • Exercise fit within your ability level.
  • Expert personal trainers who are committed to you.
  • Our trainers will educatenyou as you workout

I have helped so many different clients over the years from beginners, elderly individuals, people experiencing back, neck, knee and shoulder problems, competitive basketball athletes, football athletes, baseball athletes, obese clients, diabetic individuals, osteoporotic individuals and many more. I am completely confident that regardless of your special considerations, I will be able to help you achieve a higher level of health and fitness. I am ready to help YOU on your journey.


How is Cormierfitness One-on-One Private Training Different?


Quality of our Trainers. Every one of our expert Personal Trainers has a certification from a Nationally Recognized, Accredited Certifying Body AND they have or are completing a degree in Exercise Science, Kineseology or a related field.

You are the priority. Your Personal Trainers are not checking text messages, sipping coffee or chatting with other members of staff during YOUR time with them. They are 100% focused on YOU.

Attention to detail. Nothing escapes our attention. You will begin with a Movement & Posture Analysis to determine your starting point. We then work with you on everything from balance to building strength and power. Every aspect of your fitness gets our attention.

Relationship.  Everyone is treated as family. Yes, we will give you the highest-quality workouts and coaching, but you are important to us. Our relationship with you is our #1 priority. Your trainer and will know how you’re progressing and know how to support you as you make your lifestyle change.

Nutrition. No matter what anyone else tells you, nutrition is a priority when you are working to improve your health and fitness. You are what you eat has never been more true. It has also never been more of a challenge. It is also the linchpin to your success. We help you to define what healthy eating means to you and we support you as you make critical changes to your lifestyle.

Accountability. .

Coaching. You can’t do this on your own. You have questions, you don’t have the depth of knowledge that we have. We can help. Your coach will keep you on track, educate you and ensure you see results.

100% guaranteed results. You read that correctly, we 100% guarantee that you will see results. NO “fine print.” You will see results or I will refund every penny you have spent with Cormierfitness.

Fun. We know that lifestyle change is a challenge. Fitness and health is work. It can also be fun. You’ll always leave here with a smile on your face, having completed a challenging and inspiring workout, having achieved results.

How do YOU get started with private, one-on-one personal training?

Send us a email or tell us how to contact you and we’ll get you started today!