Companies of all shapes and sizes are striving to make physical fitness part of their employees lives. Aside from the proven health benefits of exercise, physically employees can also handle physical work task better, deal with stressful situations more effectively, and trend to be less susceptible to illness and injuries. Companies are discovering the positive benefits of providing workplace fitness programs. They're realizing that the tremendous financial costs associated with employee health problems can be drastically cut by proactively investing in appropriately designed corporate fitness programs. Statics show that companies with corporate fitness programs. Statistics show that companies with corporate fitness programs enjoy; Reduced Health Care Cost, Increased  Productivity, Reduced Absenteeism, Decreased Recruitment and Retaining Cost, Improved Employee Concentration, Mental Alertness and Creativity.

We are confident in our service and will provide a free demo class to show you what we can do. As wellness experts, we believe one of the most effective methods to connect with your team is an annual awareness and education seminar. A few of our Certified Personal Trainers and Health Coach will spend 30 minutes presenting the latest trends and discoveries in fitness, wellness and nutrition, including takeaways. Knowledge is powerful when it comes to health and fitness, don’t let your employees miss out on this free opportunity. Our professionals are also willing to include any other topics or theme that would appeal to your employees. Let us know if you would like the seminar at your business or at our Club and we’ll make it happen.

Seminar Topics
  • Reducing stress in the workplace.
  • How to eat healthy on a busy schedule.
  • How to effectively take pounds off and keep them off.
  • Incorporating fitness and proper nutrition into your lifestyle.

Follow up with us to find out more about how to save your company money and have happier and more productive workers

The worksite organizational culture and environment are powerful influences on behavior and this needs to be put to use as a means of assisting employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Benefits of worksite wellness programs for employees include:

  • Weight reduction
  • Improved physical fitness
  • Increased stamina
  • Lower levels of stress
  • Increased well-being, self-image and self-esteem

Employers can also benefit from worksite wellness programs. According to recent research, employers’ benefits are:

  • Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Reduce workers compensation and disability-related cost
  • Decreased rates of illness and injuries
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Improved employee relations and morale
  • Increased productivity

A U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report in 2002 revealed that at worksites with physical activity programs, employers have:

  • Reduced healthcare costs by 20 to 55 percent
  • Reduced short-term sick leave by six to 32 percent
  • Increased productivity by two to 52 percent